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Chematek is a leading name in global Chemicals distribution since 1980, certified ISO 9001:2000 – Management systems for the quality, for:
• Marketing of fine chemicals and products for the petrochemical sector;
• Services for the petrochemical sector;
• Research and development of new products and services for the petrochemical sector.
Today, with a network of 6 offices throughout the world, Chematek is recognized as a Company leader in its fields of activity.

Chematek is divided into two Divisions:

  • The Fine Chemical Division takes care of chemical specialty products and services for  pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galvanic/electroplating or fine chemical contract manufacturers.
    • The Energy and Water Division

We work across local, national and international markets, while our offices are linked to a sophisticated computer database which allows us to give our customers the speed of reaction they require to operate with peace of mind in their production processes.


But there is much more to maintaining our premier position as suppliers to the fine chemicals industry: we provide, in fact, a dedicated product search which, thanks to a unique database and information sources dating back more than 20 years, allow the components of our development team to have an in-depth knowledge of the fine chemical markets therefore providing service and assistance on a wide range of projects.

Chematek has undergone dynamic growth in recent years establishing itself as a powerful player on the international stage with offices and associates throughout Italy, Europe and Asia. In addition, strategic alliances with top chemical manufacturers around the world allows our clients access to a network of production facilites covering all areas of chemical reactions available. As one of the world\’s major suppliers of global chemical specialty services and products, Chematek takes pride in “custom-tailoring” such assistance and, providing high quality advice and information, can help you in making better business decisions whether you are a pharmaceutical, cosmetic or fine chemical contract manufacturer.


All of our offices operate on a local basis and are aware of the financial, logistic and strategic realities important to each area of activity: not only can we offer you individual services on a particular market or region but, if you are operating on a global scale, the flexibility of our network enables Chematek to integrate national and international strategies and, whatever information and advice you may need to formulate and execute your business plans, we have all the best resources to deliver it efficiently and promptly.


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