The company was founded in October 2004 to support private and public entities with the “360-degree environment materials”.
The experience and expertise gained over many years of work by the technical staff of the company is the best guarantee that Nemos offers to its customers.
The company is offering its activities and clean-up operations as well as market approaches and sales activities and legal advice for all types of projects, with highly specialized professionals: environmental engineers, plumbers, chemists, biologists.
Since a few years and with the entry into a strong partnership with a group of German entrepreneurs together with the Universities of Berlin and Cagliari an industrial scale process was developed, with revolutionary impact on management methods of organic waste products and other industrial production left overs.
During this international collaboration, in strict respect of environmental demands and after five years of strong research and market tests on the NEMOS own properties, a new and revolutionary technology has been developed. Food production residues as well as those of fisheries, horticulture and livestock farming, can be transformed into high quality fertilizer. Under the name “Fasthum” the process was patented. It is a chemical-physical process that produces humus (compost) without any environmental pollution or emissions of carbons into the atmosphere. The obtained compost if free of fermentation, free from odors and highly stabilized, ready to be packed in sacks or transported bulk and in conformity with all legislative aspects for high quality compost.
The results obtained in the laboratory and after in carefully processed field tests shows that the product NOVISHUM® is immediately assimilated by the plants and crops in general. After 24h it increases the presence of different enzymes by over 50%: Diamine oxide, present in all living cells and determining the growth of plants; Peroxidase, removes H2O2, the organic hydro peroxide from the cells (a hydro peroxide accumulation in cells determines cytotoxic phenomena); Superoxide dismutase removes superoxide anions during cell metabolism; it increases the important presence of antioxidants in plants and crops to ensure better growth even in the presence of adverse environmental conditions (attack by parasites, bacteria and viruses, drought, etc.).
The company is registered in the National Fertilizer Industry, all processes are certified according to EN ISO 9001.