Savio Interiors is the contract company of Savio Firmino an Italian furniture company known since 1941.
Savio Interiors is one of the world leaders in luxury furniture and furnishings for apartments, villas, yachts and Hotels and high-end custom made projects.
Savio Interiors represents today the very concept of artisanship combined with a deep knowledge of the furniture art from the past, one of the symbols of the Made in Italy excellence, which is highly appreciated on foreign markets Every project is conceived together with the designer and the client, a collaboration that creates a product marked by its uniqueness. This process also offers a high degree of flexibility to achieve the client’s wishes with an exceptional choice of exclusive materials and specialist finishes. Savio Interiors operates internationally as an ideal professional partner for architects and interior designers. It takes care of every aspect of design, production and logistics, for an “on demand” service. From individual services to a comprehensive service, Savio Interiors is able to support professionals in the contract and interior design industry in every situation, offering considerable flexibility. It guarantees the utmost expertise through its tailored approach, providing personalized solutions to the furnishing needs of individual customers. As a result of its decision to serve design and interior furnishing professionals all over the world, helping them to achieve enormously important projects, Savio Interiors is a special case when compared to other contract companies: it is solely focused on BtoD services.It is an outstanding supplier of FF&E, capable of designing, prototyping, manufacturing and buying the best products at the best price: a unique partner for all professionals working in the hospitality or residential contract market.


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