Our group is represented by DIANA, producer of solvents, paints, water- and solvent-based primers, as well as other chemical products.

DIKEMA was born in 2006 as a producer of adhesives: vinyl, hot-melt, ureic, polyurethane, polychloroprenic, cyanoacrilate and technical adhesives in cartridge.

GROSS IMBALL is a twenty-year-old company which we acquired in 2010 and produces and sells packaging products: air bubbles, expanded polyethylene (U and L profiles), corner protections, protective sponge, stretch film, heat-shrink film, polyolefin, one- and double-sided adhesive tape, strapping in plastic, polyester, metal, zinced and bluished, cardboard in different sizes, boxes, etc.

We also have a prepared staff for design and realization of end-line installations, for automating the packing and protection of your products. At the aim, we make different types of machines to communicate together: tape- or glue-taping machines, wrapping machines, palletizing and unpalletizing machines, labeling machines for personalizing packages, with laser- or ink-jet-print.

We also deal with anthropomorphous machines suitable for machine absorbing (charge and discharge) and specific manufacturing with the possibility of personalizing the machine itself as well as its software, with implementation of the vision system if necessary.

Thanks to all these possibilities, we are able to give a complete service to all companies who might need it.

We are interested in the acquisition of the principle raw materials:

  • KETONS: acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone
  • AROMATICS: toluene, xylol, cyclohexane
  • HYDROCARBONS: mineral spirit, white spirit, solvesso
  • ACETATES: ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, isobutyl acetate, butylene glycol, metoxipropano
  • CLORURATES: diclorine, propanol, methylene chloride