ASSOIMPRESEMENA is the first independent portal dedicated to Italian SMEs to develop their business in the MENA region ( Middle East & North Africa ) through an innovative B2B formula.

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On the one hand, you need to expand your business horizons. On the other, you fear facing huge costs in terms of time and energy, bureaucracy, taxation and legal burdens. We can provide a team of professionals who can guarantee that you get all the support you need to carry out every single operation, both in Italy and abroad. Incentivisation, the key to access: consultancy activities related to the preparation of business plans to access regional, national and international advertisements, contributions to research, innovation and facilitated funding. Internationalisation, step by step: step by step, specialist support for entering and operating in foreign markets, support with import and export regulations, and B2B meetings with foreign business delegations Business Desk - the mission: to offer advice on defining your commercial and marketing policies in the light of the company's vocations and capacities.
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Associates for creating networks

Networking is the most suitable tool for launching cost-effective partnerships between businesses and for creating competitive business ventures. Aggregation also allows you to activate economies of scale, and experience new business models that can be used to attack the market Matching between companies, meetings: the research activities of similar companies, based on the type of business and suggestions about participating in events that are aimed at meeting other companies. The objective of 'matching' is to lay foundations for potential collaboration involving both specific projects and ordinary business activities. Green Economy Network: build a network for innovations. The network gives you visibility and encourages new alliances between companies offering products, technologies and services for environmental and energy sustainability.
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Associates to help manage your business

By delegating part of the management of your business, you can concentrate your work and focus your attention on the business. At the heart of our advisory and support activities is the satisfaction of the various types of business efficiency, from a regulatory, administrative and trade union perspective Work, Welfare and Human Capital, business resources: union assistance and advice about business contracts Local tax desk, Tax Relationships: a preferential access channel for relations with institutions about tax breaks and the resolution of local tax issues.
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Are you an Italian Company?

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Thanks to our collaboration with Kafalat S.A.L., We can help SMEs by providing loan guarantees.
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Thanks to our collaboration with IDAL, we can help large enterprises to identify business opportunities across various economic sectors and much more...
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Asso Imprese Mena works alongside the European companies, Italians in particular, proposing to initiate an internationalization process in Mena (Middle East and North Africa) region. We feel that what we have to offer will be of interest particularly to the European business realities, in view of the close geographical proximity and of its economic connections. With some countries on the other side of the Mediterranean, Europe and Italy in particular intend to continue on its way, to follow the business environment even more favourably for the development of companies and for helping to attract investments. The successful European (and in particular the Italian) model integrations of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), along with the local production systems in MENA region, have so far resulted in increased trade flows and investments in all the region. Asso Imprese Mena is aimed at fostering new business opportunities. Consulting, Administration and Legal Support as well as Partnership Research: our Professionals and Consultantancy Team are ready to face with you all challenges to scout new markets. Our mission is YOUR satisfaction and our enterprise targets YOUR achievement.


The strenght of Asso Imprese Mena is the network of connections which the Association has established over time: a central office in Beirut; a significant amount of associations and local representation bodies; since 2015 an office in Milan as well, being a key point of reference for the whole system, from Italy to the European Union. A network serving manufacturing and services businesses which have been set up, or intending to do so, in Mena area. The membership to Asso Imprese Mena is voluntary and, currently, at the Headquarters there are several partner enterprises of all sizes. At the core of the Association are all the actions to guarantee the central importance of the enterprise in the economic and social framework of the Mena Area. Among the priorities, also the proposal of new cooperation models with potential public and private partners in order to start up new businesses and to develop the high potential enterprises.


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