Building international connections from Africa & The Middle East

The positive integration of the European models and in particular the Italian SME models with the local production systems of the Mena area, take the form of trade and investment flows.


ASSO IMPRESE MENA works to stimulate and promote new business opportunities aimed at satisfying and achieving business objectives.

ASSO IMPRESE MENA collaborates closely with European companies seeking to initiate their expansion into the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. Our focus lies in fostering the successful integration of European business models, particularly those of small and medium enterprises, with the local production systems in the MENA area. This integration takes shape through mutually beneficial trade and investment flows. Asso Imprese Mena actively works to stimulate and facilitate new business opportunities that align with and fulfill corporate objectives.

ASSO IMPRESE MENA leverages its extensive network of established relationships, cultivated over many years of market presence. Our association is driven by a commitment to maintain the essential role of businesses within the economic and social fabric of the MENA region. This entails fostering collaboration with both public and private partners, fostering the establishment of new enterprises, and nurturing the growth of companies with high entrepreneurial potential.


Ramez Nouaimeh, the founder of ASSO IMPRESE MENA, hails from a family of Lebanese entrepreneurs in the infrastructure sector, known as Tajj Group ( With a rich heritage and background, Ramez Nouaimeh has been actively involved in promoting Italian companies in Lebanon and the wider MENA region since 1998.

Leveraging his extensive network of international connections, as well as his competence, experience, and established credibility, he has been instrumental in facilitating business growth opportunities for companies interested in expanding within the MENA area. Today, his primary focus remains on providing support and assistance to companies seeking to thrive in the MENA market.