Asso Imprese Mena


Information seminars The company grows through knowledge Asso Imprese Mena invests in know-how and knowledge. And he shares it. The constant and periodic proposal of informative seminars, experiential meetings, update meeting is the commitment that the association undertakes towards its affiliates.

Matching between companies The union to grow together: the association promotes the aggregation of companies, proposes and stimulates the development of specific projects and broader entrepreneurial pacts that favor business and cultural exchanges. Legal & Tax Desk A very important dialogue to build and maintain between the company and local communities.

Accompanied by Asso Imprese Mena professionals in different Mena countries, the association is committed to activating dialogue channels with local administrations to identify the best solution in legislative and fiscal terms. A reserved and highly qualified service reserved for members.


Start Up

Consider your concept and expand upon it. Cultivate a unique idea, embrace a dash of courage and a willingness to take risks, and watch your progress soar. But that’s not all! Building a robust international network can also amplify your revenue generation efforts, propelling you towards success.



Discover the European SME advantage: High-quality, innovative, and design-driven products that captivate the global market. Our human capital sets us apart, making our products easily exportable. Join us in achieving greatness together with the excellence of the European brand. Elevate your business to new heights.


Big Business

Realize your potential for growth and conquer new heights with Asso Imprese Mena! Our strong partnerships with prominent industrial players in the Mena countries provide you with a strategic advantage, ensuring your long-term success at the top. Join us to access thriving markets, premium services, and exclusive opportunities, and maintain your leadership position in the dynamic world of business. Dare to be big, and stay ahead with Asso Imprese Mena.

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