ASSO IMPRESE MENA works alongside European companies, which intend to start an internationalization process in the Middle East North Africa area. The positive integration of the European models and in particular the Italian SME models with the local production systems of the Mena area, take the form of trade and investment flows. AssoImpreseMena works to stimulate and promote new business opportunities aimed at satisfying and achieving business objectives.

ASSO IMPRESE MENA is the network of qualified relationships developed over the many years of presence on the market. At the heart of the association's activity are all the interventions aimed at ensuring the centrality of the business in the economic and social fabric of the Mena area for cooperation with public and private partners, the creation of new businesses and the development of companies high entrepreneurial potential.


Originally from a family of Lebanese entrepreneurs in the infrastructure sector (www.tajjgroup), Ramez Nouaimeh is the founder of ASSO IMPRESE MENA . Since 1998, with his network of international relations, the competence, experience and consolidated credibility that distinguishes him, he personally works in promoting Italian companies in Lebanon and Mena. His activity today focused on facilitating companies interested in growing in the Mena area.

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